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     RASH !

RASH !    If you get a rash by touching a dried urushi surface, it is mostly not caused by the  urushi itself. There is a big chance that the rash is triggered by other sources as synthetic resins or cashew-paint which are mixed with toxic solvent.
But fresh raw urushi can sometimes give a rash on your skin. Other urushi does not give rash as much as raw urushi. On an average of 5 out of 10 people get some form of rash and 4 out of these 5 people will recover in a few days, but there is always that one person who breaks out in a slight heavier rash.
The best and most certain way to avoid to get rash is simple. Do not get any urushi liquid on your skin. Unfortunately if you get even tiny little urushi liquid on your skin, clean you hands after you used urushi. That is all.

Following is a 'rash test'.

rash test, apprying urushi on skin
Fig. R1
  rash test, applying urushi as 'no rash' on skin of inner part of arm
Fig. R1   Raw urushi is applied on skin with the text 'no rash'.

a part is cleaned with hand cleaning gel
Fig. R2  
'no' part is cleaned with hand cleaning gel
Fig. R2   After one hour, the 'no' part is cleaned with cleaning gel (see shop page). Now urushi is remaining merely on the 'rash' part.
Rash due to remaining raw urushi on your skin will appear mostly after a several hours to one night from the physical contact with raw urushi. In my case, after 5 hours the affected part started tingling. This is the point where you have to clean the urushi to minimize the rash.

24 hours later
Fig. R3    24 hours later
Fig. R3   24 hours later, the 'rash' part is slightly reddish but not itching yet. The cleaned 'no' part is reddish, but also not itching.
Most itching period was around 36 hours later from applying urushi, during the night.

72 hours later
Fig. R4   72 hours later
Fig. R4   72 hours later, there are tiny eruptions on the 'rash' part, but itchiness is nearly gone.

7 days later
Fig. R5   7 days later
Fig. R5   7 days later, the discolouring from the rash is fading.

light rash
Fig. R6   light rash
Getting a rash like in this test is an extreme case. As long as you are careful you won't get such a stubborn rash discolouring on your skin. Even though sometimes you forget to clean your hand, still then you will only end up getting slight irritation as in Fig. R6. The eruptions are hardly visible and it hardly itches.



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